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Health Resort Ustron, Ustron, Poland

Sanatoryjna 1 Ustron , Poland 43-450
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Welcome to Health Resort Ustron!
in Ustron, Poland

Health Resort Ustron, is a leader in Wellness Services, for providing amazing medical care for both national and international patients. We are located in Poland, a place where the highest quality standards, safety and well-being wait for YOU!!

Sanatoryjna 1 Ustron , Poland

+1 (303)-500-3821

Health Resort Ustron offers more than you think, you can find in one place customized services, modern treatments and the best technologies combined specially for you; and more importantly this will be in a clean, safe and caring environment.

Health Resort Ustron has a unique advantage: offering a wide array of specialized medical services in a single place!, we have one of the highest rates of patients satisfaction, 72% of our guest come back again

Benefit from our Luxurious Medical & Wellness services!


Here at Health Resort Ustron we are specialists in helping people to fully recover the body’s lost mobility and we constatly search for new innovations that allow our patients to feel better and healthier.

Benefit from our advanced medical spa and rehabilitation therapies:

  • Cardiological Rehabilitation Program
  • Locomotor System Rehabilitation Program
  • Oncological Rehabilitation Program
  • Neurological Rehabilitation Program
  • Medical & Spa Program

Why should you come to Health Resort Ustron?

  • We offer you great corporate rates
  • Travel arrangement assistance provided at need
  • Cost savings, we have lower rates than hospitals in other European countries
  • All doctors and staff speak English and are certified by specialized institutions in Poland
  • Accommodations are available for family and friends
  • Ground transportation may also be arranged at request
  • Our Natural Therapy Facility which offers over 70 different kind of treatments and over 18,000 m2 of floor surface, making it the biggest in Poland
  • We have 4 swimming pools with natural brine and 50 baths for hydrotherapy and balneotherapy.


Our healthcare team is composed by both national and international doctors, all respected professionals with years of practical experience in their fields.

72% of our guests come back! Learn more about Health Resort Ustron by clicking below!



About Health Resort Ustron in Poland

At Health Resort Ustron we not only care about all our guests and patients, but we offer them the latest medical technology and most skilled medical doctors.

Our mission consists in always having the patient’s needs in mind. Our services are a hundred percent dedicated to answer to the needs of every individual who visits us, and trusts our services.


We always strive to achieve medical excellence and to comply with every request from our patients!

We are experts in taking care of all our guests and patients, regardless where they come from. And we are very proud of the fact that 72% of our patients return when our services are needed again. This leave us feeling very happy because they have chosen us and our medical services!!

Treatment Facilities

Health Resort Ustroń is one of the biggest health resort complexes in Europe with more than 18 000 m2 of floor surface, we make sure our patients have all they need in one single place. Our rehabilitation traditions date back to the eighteenth century. The first spa with therapeutic baths was created in 1804.


We can easily accommodate over 1500 guests our numerous facilities perfectly located at the Beskidy Mountains. We also provide to our guests well-equipped, comfortable single and also double hotel rooms along with huge suites that allow you to appreciate wonderful landscapes. Every single room has in-built satellite TV and telephone. A number of them are specially designed for the disabled as well as individuals who stay with a guide dog.

During the stay there is also the possibility of using individually chosen by the doctor diet: basic, light, low-calorie, diabetic, low-carbohydrate.

We can provide our guests with the following:

  • over 1500 beds
  • 4 SPA’s
  • 1 SPA-Hotel

Our Natural Therapy Facility

All Our Guests, at Health Resort Ustron receive a personally designed therapy program in the comfort and privacy of a sophisticated and luxurious therapeutic zone Prestige Club Medical & SPA. We also offer you:

  • More than 70 different types of treatments
  • More than 18 000 m2 of floor surface (the biggest in Poland)
  • 6 rooms for physiotherapy with a total area of 1,800 m2
  • 50 baths for hydrotherapy and balneotherapy
  • 28 positions for treatments using natural peloid
  • 4 swimming pools with natural brine (Europe’s largest complex)
  • 17 positions for massaging
  • 20 positions to monitor cardiac training

Our services include all our guests may need, we aim to provide a place where they can relax, enjoy free time and recuperate from every day worries!



Our Services


All our Programs always combine treatment and return to full health with pleasure and comfort. Our Medical Staff is internationally trained, so you’ll receive the best medical care in Poland and get the latest medical procedures at special prices!

Come to Poland and enjoy our rehabilitation treatments designed with special natural sources: brine and peloid. Our professional care plans are selected according to particular needs and specifically created on these nature’s gifts along with the latest physiotherapy technology and luxurious cosmetics. And it’s all available for you!


We provide the following services:

  • Cardiological Rehabilitation Program
  • Locomotor System Rehabilitation Program
  • Oncological Rehabilitation Program
  • Neurological Rehabilitation Program
  • Mediical & Spa Program

Our Medical Spa Program

All our guests receive the highest standard of accommodation and individually tailored treatment plan in the privacy of a modern therapeutic centre – Prestige Club Medical & SPA. Our guests can also choose among health services in the scope of balneotherapy, peloidotherapy, kinesitherapy, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy as well as cryotherapy.

ALL Our Programs Include:

  • Logistics service before the arrival (correspondence, booking etc.)
  • Transport from and to the airport (Kraków or Katowice) to Health Resort “USTROŃ”
  • 2 consultations with the primary physician
  • Physiotherapeutic treatments – up to 5 procedures a day from Monday till Saturday at Prestige Club Medical & SPA zone
  • Accommodation in comfortable room
  • Full board – 3 meals a day (according to the diet recommended by a doctor: basic, easily digestible, low-calorie, diabetic, llow-carbohydrate)
  • Adjustment of the service to cultural requirements
  • Care from a scheme manager
  • Wi-Fi access in the room
  • Satellite TV access in the room (including 3 Arabic channel)
  • Mobile phone at the patient’s disposal during their stay in Poland (free calls up to PLN 500, ca. 120 minutes, *Available on Request)
  • AC/DC adapter for electrical devices avaliable on request
  • Local attractions (2 events or trips)
  • Laundry (up to 10 uses)
  • Translation of medical documents (after departure) – up to 10 pages



Staff of Health Resort Ustron in Poland

Our extremely competent team of medical professionals, nurses and also physical therapists are educated in the most renowned technological centers in Poland as well as in foreign countries. Our professional specialists provide numerous professional health care services.


Frequently in the Health Resort Ustroń we cooperate with each other, which means that all our specialists from different centers of the group American Heart of Poland (of which we are an active member) in the field of cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and rehabilitation work together for your wellbeing.

We attend an average of 30.000 people per year and about 6,000 treatments are performed per day.

At Health Resort Ustron in Ustron, Poland you’ll have always at your service:

  • 40 doctors (including doctors with titles of Professor and Doctor of Medicine)
  • 90 nurses
  • 120 physiotherapists

We ensure the best selection of the most sophisticated techniques and treatments and make it possible for our patients and guests to recover rapidly. Multidisciplinary team of qualified specialists sets treatment plan compatible to each patient’s personal needs and characteristics. We think in the individual, as every guest is a different person who deserves a personalized and unique treatment.

The entire medical staff always improves their abilities and knowledge furthermore they cultivate their expertise and experience by involved in international congresses, symposiums and actively participating several training programs to be up to date with most recent advancements in the field of medicine and physical rehabilitation.



Attractions in Health Resort Ustron Ustron, Poland

Ustron is a spa town located in the district of Cieszyn (south-western Silesia). Settled in the valley of the River Vistula the town is surrounded by forested peaks and has a moderately temperate climate and is taking advantage of the natural mineral waters and the mud resources present in the area. The first mention of the therapeutic possibilities available in Ustron dates back to the 19th century, when the high content sulfur compounds in the water was discovered by workers of the mills. It was concluded that bathing in the sulfur rich water had a soothing result, removing fatigue and improved disposition. Later, in the 1960’s a geological survey revealed the presence of bountiful deposits of natural mineral waters, mostly saline but also rich in iodine and bromine. These waters began to be used for medicinal baths but had to be diluted due to their high mineral content. However, swimming was and still is recommended to help in rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lower limb ischemic conditions and diseases of the respiratory tract. ustron1

Conditions for which mud deposits in Ustron are effective in include:

  • Treatment And Rehabilitation after Myocardial Infarction
  • Treatment & Rehabilitation after Cardiac Surgery
  • Post Trauma
  • Post Orthopedic Surgery
  • Musculoskeletal, Neurological & Blood Vessel Disorders
  • Respiratory Diseases.

The town is beautifully situated among the picturesque slopes and within walking distance between the centre of the town in the valley of the River Vistula and the Czantoria Wielka or Rownica.


Take some time to enjoy:

  • The historic Catholic Church from 1787 with a brick tower added in 1835
  • The Evangelical Church from 1835
  • Chairlift on Czantoria Mountain existing since 1967
  • Forest Park of Surprises allowing for active recreation as adults and children
  • The 710 m long Summer Toboggan-Run of Czantoria
  • The Ironworks and Smithy Museum
  • Sobieski’s Oak Tree from 1683, believed to have been planted to commemorate King Sobieski’s triumph at Vienna.


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